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10 Reasons Why your Morning Routine needs Moringa

Moringa oleifera is now being introduced into a variety of healthy food, including energy bars, nutritional supplements, and even smoothies! The New Yorker Magazine did an article on the plant and went as far as to call it “an Overqualified, Underachieving Superfood,” and many health industry experts are now referring to it as “The Miracle Tree.”

Although Moringa is just getting into the spotlight in Western media, it has been around for far longer in our culture, not only as a medicinal staple, but also a popular dish for quite some time now. Now, however, as Moringa’s popularity is on the rise, western researchers have begun to take this plant seriously and their studies have found that Moringa may be useful in fighting Alzheimer’s disease, as well as in driving weight loss, among other things. They have also reported an exceptionally strong presence of vitamins antioxidants in Moringa.

Still need some convincing? Go on and keep reading. We’ll give your our top 10 reasons to give Moringa a spot in your daily breakfast routine:

1. Caffeine is not the only thing that can give you a boost of energy

Moringa’s nutritional attributes – its vitamin B content in particular, which helps the body process food for energy, gives you a natural energy boost without making you feel jittery or unable to sleep. Because Moringa isn’t a stimulant, you won’t feel as energized as if you’d had a cup of coffee, but it can be beneficial for those looking for a more subtle boost in their morning.

2. You won’t need to pop any pills for your vitamin needs

Moringa has four times the vitamin A of carrots, three times the potassium of bananas, four times the calcium of milk, and seven times the vitamin C of oranges. Regular consumption is especially beneficial for vegans who often don’t get as much calcium in their diets as non-vegans.

3. It improves brain function and mood

Due to its high levels of vitamin E and vitamin C, as well as iron and zinc, Moringa is great for supporting brain function, concentration, memory, and mood. It’s also known for its tendency to increase consumers’ serotonin levels.

4. Your skin will glow

Moringa can improve skin health and can even reduce the appearance of aging. In addition to antioxidants, which prevent free radicals from damaging skin cells, Moringa contains nutrients that promote the development of new collagen, skin cells, and elastin, according to The Huffington Post.

5. Your immune system will thank you

To support your immune system naturally, look no further than Moringa which, as noted previously, is power-packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C is proven to have a strong influence on the immune system’s functionality due to its vital role in certain processes, such as the production of infection-fighting antibodies.

6. You can use it in a variety of ways

From smoothies to tea, there are many ways to incorporate your daily dose of Moringa into your meals. Reed states: “You can use it for tea. I add it to soups; I add it to smoothies; I add it to everything.” With so many possibilities, you can easily spice up your breakfast routine by finding new and creative ways to eat Moringa.

7. It may lower “bad” cholesterol

Evidence suggests that Moringa may have a positive impact on your cholesterol levels by increasing the amount of HDL (good) cholesterol and reducing the amount of LDL (bad) cholesterol in the body.

8. It can reduce inflammation

Researchers at the National Institute of Health found that three grams of Moringa per day for just three weeks could reduce lung inflammation in asthma patients. Its anti-inflammatory properties also extend to other parts of the body, making a great tool for anyone fighting inflammation.

9. It’s a great source of protein

For those with a plant-based diet or those who only occasionally eat meat, the protein content in Moringa alone should be enough to catch your attention. And with nearly 10 grams of protein per 100 grams, Moringa is a great source of plant-based protein. Adequate protein promotes muscle recovery and athletic performance, as well as hair and nail growth and blood health.

10. It’s packed with antioxidants

A study by the National Institute of Health found that Moringa has “potent antioxidant activity against free radicals.” Antioxidants are crucial in protecting the body from illnesses and diseases by fighting off free radicals which, many believe, play a large role in the onset of ailments and diseases, such as cancer and diabetes.

Although Moringa is just beginning to gain mainstream attention, it is a highly nutritious plant with many uses and long-term benefits. To give yourself a boost in the morning and promote continuous health and longevity, you might consider giving Moringa a special place alongside your oatmeal.

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