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Cinnamon: A Story

There are two types of cinnamon that are grown in the world
today. Ceylon Cinnamon, being widely known as ‘true
cinnamon’ is also the most expensive that is grown
today. Cassia or Chinese Cinnamon is the second
type that is grown; however it does not match up
to the Ceylonese variation in aroma, fragrance or flavour.

Cinnamon is best known in finely ground form although it can be
found in the form of quills or sticks. Ground cinnamon however
begins to fade in flavour and fragrance after a few months.
Therefore, it is best to buy it in quills or sticks and ground
as and when needed.

The part of cinnamon that is used for consumption often comes
from the bark of the cinnamon tree. A cinnamon bush will grow
often up to 10 or even 15 metres in height, however when
commercially cultivated, the tree stems are trimmed
from time to time.

Generally, it’s height is maintained at 2-3 metres. After a tree is
grown for a full two years, it is first cut at the stems and then
processed while the bark is still wet. After the inner bark is
then peeled off, it is dried and sold in the form of long
strips, also commonly known as quills or sticks.

The value of Ceylon Cinnamon primarily is based on the quality of
the bark and the presence of a particular sweet and warm aroma.
The high quality of the bark is very much influenced by the soil
and the climate conditions. Dry soil and frequent rain are
both conducive to it’s production.

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