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Cinnamon + Honey: The Secret of our Ancestors

Honey and cinnamon are two natural ingredients with multiple health benefits. When combined it kickstarts the immune and digestive system, improves heart health, keeps your bones, skin, teeth, and hair healthy. And the best part is that it stimulates weight loss. Together they provide relief from itching and alleviates the symptoms of arthritis.

Honey comes with a number of health benefits when consumed individually, and also when consumed in combination with other food items; the most potent combinations are formed with cinnamon, ginger, and milk.

Nutritional Value of Honey & Cinnamon

Honey and cinnamon contain vitamins and minerals that help to maintain good health. Protein, fiber, naturally occurring fructose, vitamins, and minerals. Minerals such as calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc are found in honey and cinnamon. In terms of vitamins, they contain vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate, niacin, and riboflavin. Cinnamon also contains vitamin A, E, D, and K.

Powerful Health Benefits of Honey & Cinnamon

The benefits of Honey and Cinnamon are diverse, when consumed as a paste, its potency is higher and a such has the ability to Boost Immunity, by eliminating chronic fatigue. It is valued for its ability to treat colds and influenza, as this is partly due to the antiviral properties found in both honey and cinnamon which combine to fight the viruses that cause the common cold.

During ancient times the paste was used to treat insect bites and relieve inflammation. As Cinnamon is a natural anti-inflammatory, and while honey is a known antiseptic and a therapeutic component of many beauty and cosmetic products. Their combination works on most skin irritations while simultaneously keeping you from developing infections. Many holistic healers and ayurvedic practitioners recommend using a paste made of Honey and Cinnamon to treat minor skin infections and pimples. This paste can also be applied on wounds or on the skin as a general beautification remedy due to its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antioxidant characteristics, which can reduce the appearance of age-related spots and wrinkles by reducing the damage free radicals cause on the skin.

The potent combination is also known to be used for reducing LDL cholesterol levels and thus providing additional protection to your heart, by minimizing the propensity of a heart attack or stroke.

A lovingly relied on home remedy from yesteryear, was the use of a warm concoction of Honey and Cinnamon to increase the health and functionality of the digestive system. As it helps ease gaseousness, treats stomachaches, excess flatulence, indigestion, and bladder infections. Regular consumption of cinnamon and honey will help maintain a healthy digestive system and will in turn protect against gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Other commendable benefits from this powerful combination, is its ability to regulate High Blood Sugar levels. As Cinnamon helps increase insulin sensitivity, thereby encouraging the efficient re-distribution of glucose in the blood stream into cells that can utilize it. In turn reducing the propensity of a diabetic condition. Honey in turn, as a pure source of natural sugar, does not cause the fluctuation in blood sugar levels and when combined with Cinnamon, helps regulate glucose levels and manage type 2 diabetes.

In addition to the plethora of benefits of these supercharged superfoods, it is said that Cinnamon and Honey also help prevent against cancer, as Honey contains an extraordinary amount of phytochemicals, whilst Cinnamon contains certain anti-tumor properties that can decrease the chances of the spread of cancer. The combination is known to be doubly beneficial, as certain acids within honey directly shut down the activity of two enzymes, lipoxygenase, and phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C, which have both been linked to producing cancerous materials in the body.

And for those of you dreaming of achieving that hourglass figure or just want that extra boost to shed a few pounds, a mixture of honey and cinnamon in warm water is a trusted home remedy to aid weight loss. It was famously used in India and Egypt as a daily morning routine; being a natural blood cleanser and digestive aid for weight regulation. Of course, like any other weight loss remedy, results are only achievable when you combine it with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

And if you are looking for a long and lustrous and enviable mane, go no further than a Cinnamon and Honey concoction. For hundreds of years many Indian and Mediterranean women have used Honey and cinnamon to naturally nurture hair, reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

Cinnamon and honey were also individually used for dental care. In most ancient cultures, and tribes a mixture prepared from the two was particularly used to eliminate bad breath and toothaches. These powerful superfoods truly are natures gift.

And in summing up. a little tidbit for those of you wondering about the reproductive benefits of Cinnamon and Honey; it is also believed that in combination they are good for treating infertility in men, and alleviating hearing disorders, but more research is pending in support of those claims.

We hope you enjoy these benefits and turn a page towards a healthier lifestyle!

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